After-School Clubs & Miscellaneous 2015-2016

Dear Families,

The following listing is meant to provide preliminary information about our new clubs that will be offered this year.
More details will emerge next week, as we approach an official “sign-up” period for our TWO SESSIONS.

       Session I: will run from late October through early February (dates will be made available next week)

       Session II: will run from late February through May (in some cases, through June)

Please note: there will be fees associated with these clubs. These fees are strictly used to operate the club; we are not looking to profit from these offerings. Fees will be paid at sign-up for both sessions. Although final details are being worked out, most club fees will range from $25-$75 per session (Chinese Language cost will be higher). Most clubs will start at 2:15 and end at 3:15.

Name of Club Open to Grades       Days Moderator(s)
Crafty Club K-2

TBA (will be specific dates) 

Ms. Trotta & Mrs. Zilliox
Drama Club PK & K Saturday Mornings Mrs. Wendy Mitchell
Drama Club 1-4 Wed & Fridays Mrs. Wendy Mitchell
Drama Club 5-8 Tuesdays & Thursdays Mrs. Wendy Mitchell
Sports Club 6-8 Fridays Mr. Cascio
Creative Bootcamp for Writing & Art         6-8 Wednesdays Mrs. Ben-Ami
Online Newspaper & Social Media 6-8 Mondays Mrs. Wendy Mitchell
Keyboard Club (music) 3&4 Mondays Mrs. Chamberlain
Spanish 5-8 Tuesdays Ms. Minahan
Chinese Language All Thursdays AM (before school)        Ms. Minahan
Speech & Debate 5-8 Thursdays Mr. Houser
Creative Bootcamp for Writing & Art 5 TBA THIS WINTER Mrs. Ben-Ami
Sports Club 5 TBA THIS WINTER Mr. Cascio
Book Club 6-8 Sundays after 10am Mass  Miss Martorana
Music Recording (NO FEE) 4-8 Scheduled sessions throughout year with Mr. Viceroy

In addition to these after-school club offerings, we are designing some “Special Topics” sessions that will take place during school. Two examples:

                Special Topics: US History – three dates are being scheduled with the focus on:

                    1. World at War (WWI & WWII)

                    2. Domestic Conflict (Vietnam & the 1960s)

                    3. September 11th – Causes/Results; an overall understanding

Special Topics: Nursing & Medicine – three dates are being scheduled that will introduce upper-grade students     to the world of nursing and medicine.

 As an aside from the club schedule, Mr. Viceroy will meet with classes in Grades 4-8 to begin discussing Music Theory/Guitar/Piano. We are looking to schedule these music sessions with Mr. Viceroy during school hours. THANK YOU! More to come next week.