Preschool children are introduced to the rich heritage of the Catholic Faith in a developmentally appropriate way, through sharing stories and hands-on experiences. The different seasons of the liturgical calendar provide the context for learning to pray, hearing Gospel stories and other Scriptures, using our gifts and abilities for others through service projects, and becoming familiar with the church building itself. The religion curriculum is designed to support and strengthen the faith and values exemplified in the home.

Literacy instruction in the preschool years lays the groundwork for mastery of reading and writing in the elementary school years. High quality children’s literature is used to develop both concepts of print and a love of reading. Rhymes, songs and oral exercises develop phonological awareness, a critical set of pre-reading skills. Through fun and engaging activities, children not only learn to recognize both upper and lower case letters, but to write them and associate them with sounds as well. The preschool literacy curriculum sets the stage for reading and writing success in kindergarten and beyond.

A range of fundamental math concepts are introduced and practiced daily in the preschool program, including numbers and counting, shapes, patterns, sorting, measuring and comparing. Students develop and expand their mathematical understanding by working with manipulatives and puzzles, by counting and graphing together as a group, and by playing fun games on the SMARTBoard or in the computer lab.

Preschool children begin to develop scientific habits of mind both through daily hands-on exploration and observation of various materials (such as magnets or sand), and also through specific thematic units during the year, including the five senses, weather and the four seasons, living vs. nonliving things, and the growth of plants.

Preschool children grow in their understanding of themselves as part of a group, from family to classroom to school, and even to the wider neighborhood community. Instruction is aimed at encouraging good citizenship, respect and appreciation of others.